Welcome to kennel KALABALIK!

The owner of the kennel Kalabalik is me, Tina Ehnström-Backas, a teacher who loves spending time with her big family! :)

I live in Espoo together with my husband and our two daughters Tindra and Tilda. We have two Japanese spitzies at the time: Gizmo and his daugther Winna and also a Norwegian forestcat Bellona. Newest additions to the family are two guinea pigs Nöpö & Lakrits!

I got my first Japanese spitz in the beginning of 1991, she was called Baby (Pikkuhukan Baby). I owe my love for the breed to her; she has given me a lot of wonderful memories and taught me a lot about how to train dogs and how to communicate with them.

Baby and her daughter Dinga (Pikkuhukan Darling) lived their whole life with my parents in Vasa and left us in September 2006. Back in 1996 I moved to Helsinki to study history and I got my next dog Mixi (Shiroi'n Caramel) born the same year. I have never met a happier dog than Mixi, it seemed like she was smiling all the time! Mixi left us at the age of 13 years in 2009...

Luckily our Italian import Emiko was keeping us company back then since October 2006. September 2012 Gizmo joined us, he is a son after Ludde (Kalabalik Attack af Felix) from my first JS litter. Emiko passed away in September 2017 and was greatly missed especially by our girls. In the Spring 2018 we travelled to Sweden and got home our little Winna (Bländvita Watch Out For Kalabalik) and she came to keep company to her father Gizmo!

I was the chairman of the Finnish Japanese Spitz Association 2005-2009. I am also the chairman in our local canine club Espoon Koirakerho where I train Rally obedience. I have taken a course in breeding and I am both a steward on shows and an agility instructor.

I've also bred few litters of Norwegian Forest Cats during the years but now we have only Belona at home, she is from my second NFC litter. I have had NFCs since 1997.

My goal in breeding is to breed healthy and good tempered spitzies the owner can spend many happy years with. My puppies are sold as pets and their most important mission is to keep their new family company! I try to stay in touch with all puppy owners and I am very happy for any messages from you! I'd like to remind people that also old animals need attention, love and training in their own way - taking a cat or dog is a long time commitment with all both ups and downs. I think it is the owner's responsibility to take care of the animal from the very beginning to the end of it's life and personally I could never give away an old dog or cat only because it is too old to have puppies or kittens. Our pets live with us as family members and are greatly loved and taken care of.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Japanese Spitzes or my breeding. I'm more than happy to tell you more about this lovely breed and our dogs! :)

Tilda and Tindra with the dogs in Sweden 2018