Interested in KALABALIK puppy?

My goal in breeding is to breed healthy and good tempered spitzies the owner can spend many happy years with.

My puppies are sold as pets and their most important mission is to keep their new family company! I try to stay in touch with all puppy owners and I am very happy for any messages from you! I'd like to remind people that also old animals need attention, love and training in their own way - taking a cat or dog is a long time commitment with all both ups and downs. I think it is the owner's responsibility to take care of the animal from the very beginning to the end of it's life and personally I could never give away an old dog or cat only because it is too old to have puppies or kittens. Our pets live with us as family members and are greatly loved and taken care of.

If you are interested in Kalabalik puppy, please contact us and tell a bit about yourself!
We'll happily answer any of your questions about our dogs, breeding and Japanese Spitz in general.

Puppy plans

No puppy plans at the moment!