I have bred four litters of Japanes Spitzies during the years.
For few years we had a break from breeding, while looking for a new fluffy family member and our future hope.

Hopefully we'll be able to add some new names to Kalabalik family in the future!

All my litters listed in KoiraNet-database

Kalabalik A-litter

Rowleys Freedom Fighter - Shiroi'n Garina

Born 13.2.2002

Kalabalik Attack Af Felix
Kalabalik Aigina Af Felix
Kalabalik Antique O'Felix
Kalabalik Aquavit O'Felix

Kalabalik B-litter

Agrarium Justin Justrow - Kalabalik Aigina Af Felix

Born 1.4.2004

Kalabalik Best-Seller
Kalabalik Brand New Star
Kalabalik Braveheart
Kalabalik Beloved Baby

Kalabalik C-litter

Kalabalik Attack Af Felix - Almarven's Emiko

Born 12.5.2008

Kalabalik Cool Casanova
Kalabalik Crazy Caramba
Kalabalik Cute Caramel

Kalabalik D-litter

Saarnion Nozomi - Almarven's Emiko

Born 31.5.2011

Kalabalik Dinky Dragon
Kalabalik Dustin Dragon-Fly